UNT Advancement

Scholarships have been crucial to my education, so I was eager to help the UNT Department of Advancement raise funds for other students to attend college.

Specifically, I worked with a team to build alumni relationships via phone. But we didn't work verbatim off of a script-- I was truly representing the university in tone, information, and attitude. This task called for extensive training in customer service and handling objections. Our messaging and approach needed to be broad and universal to connect with 216,000+ alumni and as many unique experiences with UNT. 

We took a unique approach where we met with the dean of each college and learned about their programs, offerings, and students. Then, when we reached out to alumni, we were able to intelligently share the latest news from their department, which allowed us to make asks and handle objections with a targeted, personal approach.

This was my first "telemarketing" job, and I was able to raise over $5,000 for UNT's various scholarships and excellence funds. I see this position as less about telemarketing and more about public relations and sales. We truly learned about our client’s literal needs and developed bespoke solutions to get them what they needed.

Overall, this was a great experience which led me into marketing work at Merrill Lynch and elsewhere.


Michael Incavo