Lithium Audio Works

Lithium is my audio production brand. I built it from the ground up.

About 7 years ago, I began professional radio work on the internet, providing low-cost voiceover work to a variety of clients. Thanks to a little entrepreneurial spirit, what began as a hobby became an avenue for income. 

As my skills developed over the years and I entered into the world of sound design and audio production, I began to offer customized packages of audio elements to radio stations known as "imaging", as well as broader product offerings for a variety of consumer bases ranging from YouTube channels to podcasts.


I eventually felt the need to unify all of these endeavors under one brand. Lithium, the element, brings energy to our modern world, and I produce audio which brings power and electricity to any broadcast. Seemed like a good fit. 

I chose a palette of dark blue, deep black and neutral white. I felt this ensemble conveyed energy with depth. Since chintzy flash and constant loudness run rampant throughout the commercial radio industry, I wanted to show that I valued detail over cheap noise.

For typeface, I picked a very readable condensed semi-geometric style sans-serif inspired by 20th century Swedish posters for its attributes which I also associate with Lithium's audio work; versatility, clarity and modernity. After some experimentation with a logo based on the Periodic Table, I eventually settled on a basic typographic representation for most branding placements. 

Products and Clients

After selling voiceover and production work on an a la carte basis for a while to get a feel for price points, I moved to package-based offerings. These products represented some of the greatest value available in radio imaging sound design, and Lithium productions have been heard on terrestrial, institutional and internet radio stations around the world. All Lithium productions feature major market-tested sound design elements: the same elements used by SiriusXM, Beats 1, and the nation's biggest terrestrial stations. I've been able to provide this professional sound at a mere fraction of the cost a dedicated production house would charge. This provided much-needed value to lower-budget radio operations like rural stations, and internet broadcasts.

Lithium clients span a massive range among numerous verticals. Lithium work has been used on on rural hits stations, sports shows, internet radio channels, YouTube videos, film projects, business and event promotions, telephone systems and more. Some particularly interesting clients included a web TV network, a power company, podcasts, a school district, and even a U.S. Air Force base in Japan. 

Over the years, I've expanded Lithium to include musical production services as well. I've produced and licensed stock music which can be heard in the Music section of this site, and I've played guest solos on a number of albums. 

Proof of Concept

Building Lithium has been somewhat of a labor of love for me. While I haven't made obscene profits from the venture, that was never the goal. Developing my skills, working with advanced web tools, working with clients and designing an enterprise from the ground up have been great assets to my background. I'm in the midst of redesigning the site now as I figure out the next direction for Lithium Audio Works. 

View some of the site assets below. 

Michael Incavo