Woodlands Online

Woodlands Online became a go-to community hub in 1996, and they've been evolving ever since. When I began work for them, I took charge of their podcast, Out and About. I had to rebuild it from the ground up with all of my own equipment and with near-autonomy. 

My vision for the production revolved around two principles: providing useful information to listeners and promoting our clients. What was once a free-form 30-minute conversation from a camcorder mic became a new marketing avenue and info source for community members. This new direction was well-received by the production staff, our best clients, and listeners on the web.  

Here are some of our most popular episodes. Most of the background music, as well as all of the audio production you'll hear, is mine. 


Kassidy Cook, an Olympic-qualifying diver from The Woodlands. 


Luxury Cars with Mercedes-Benz of the Woodlands. 


A benefit concert called Sound on the Shore featuring local artist Clair Brockway.

I also created a promo video for a feature story. It was used on the main website, featured on the podcast, and shared on Facebook, where it received 131 reactions, 34 shares and 13 comments.

Michael Incavo