KWBU Reporting

KWBU is Waco's NPR station. Affiliated with Baylor University, the station provides high-quality journalism and other programming to Central Texas residents. 

I first joined up with KWBU in 2014. I had been working a lot on Lithium Audio Works and wanted to round out my journalism education with some on-the-job experience. I sought out this internship without regard for course credit, as I felt the skills I could acquire would be credit enough. While it was sometimes a time crunch with my full-time course load, the fantastic team at KWBU helped me learn what I needed to know and make some solid radio along the way. 

In addition to producing the story later syndicated on the Texas Standard, I also did some local reporting, including exclusive election-night field work in 2016. While my reports weren't always the most sensational stories, I was happy to shed light on important local topics. 

Since this is some of my earliest journalistic work, there's quite a bit I'd do differently today. But there are some great sounds and important insights in these stories, each of which aired throughout Central Texas on KWBU.  

Michael Incavo