The Texas Standard


“The National Daily News Show of Texas” demands high production standards and innovative values. The Texas Standard has done all this and more: and they've earned one of the widest audiences of any show syndicated today for their efforts.

Led by award-winning journalist David Brown, the Standard has a set of forward-looking core values which represent the best of modern journalism in a fresh, contemporary style. While you might expect a Texas news program to be relative ideological, and parochial, the Standard is distinctive, proactive and global. They’re innovative in sound, story choice and style, and I appreciate their hard work as a citizen. 

I reported a story for the Standard about moving to Texas from the Northeast. The report involved interviewing other "transplants", having great conversations with history experts and taking a trip to a local hat-maker to hear about his experiences with the Texas identity. Since workshopping this piece at a conference with industry experts like Glynn Washington, Carl Zimmer and Stephanie Foo (read more under Journalism above), there's a lot about this story I'd do differently today, 3 years later. It aired in this form on the stations seen in the graphic above as well as on the web. 



Michael Incavo